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February 05, 2006


Sad! Why is Ira going to NYC? That city definitely don't need his brilliance. You know, though, that ever since I moved I don't listen to TAL because it's on at 6 p.m. saturdays here, and even though I could easily download it and listen to it, I for some reason don't. Still, I love the show and have good memories of listening to it on sunday mornings in Iowa. I always felt a special allegiance since the show was in the midwest. Hmm. Maybe Glass will come back to Chitown. You never know.

WHAT?!!! WHAT?!!!!! Half the reason I am moving to chicago is because of my OBSESSION with Ira Glass... okay, that isn't HALF the reason-- but it is at least 7.84% of the reason! And Ira is certainly 100% of the reason I contributed to WBEZ, even though I live in Bloomington! He is a traitor! A sell out! A hack! When he came and gave a talk in Bloomington in October, I shared with him about my fears concerning his move to tv-- how would it affect the integrity of his work? would the radio show be compromised? he promised-- PROMISED-- that his priority would remain this american life-- the radio show-- and that the show would in no way take a back seat to his visual endeavors. LIAR!!! Ira is a LIAR!! I feel as though I have just heard Atticus Finch tell a racist joke; my moral compass has been smashed. there is a whirling before my eyes as the world is loosed from its axis and is flung without center into the black emptiness. i am empty.

Bird. You have just caused me to start laughing
outloud in class. I've gotten myself under control
now, but still. I'm in a silent computer lab,
cackling like a fool.

Also, I don't think Ira is a liar. Read the article
in the Chicago Reader. I guess it makes more sense
that they move to NYC while the tv show is in
production. The best we can hope is that Showtime
won't pick up the show and they'll all move back to
Chicago and we'll pretend that this didn't happen.

You still *have* to move to Chicago, though. We'll
find something else for you to fill that 7.8% hole in
your heart.

Oh Bird...Only those people who saw you buy several hundred copies of To Kill a Mockingbird for undeserving undergrads can properly appreciate what that statement means coming from you.

And let's look at it this way, shall we? How many people do we know who went to New York only to end up poor and jaded and having to move back to their mom's basement? If their is one immutable belief held by Chicago transplants, it's that New York is an expensive crap hole and the Yankees represent evil. Sorry, Mary.

We will get him back! But to show my solidarity for TAL, I will continue to listen even while they are in New York. Hate the game not the player.

Natti, this caused ME to laugh out loud!!!! Damn funny!

First, I haven't thought about the TKMB debacle of '01 since, well... 01! You really had to pull into the archives for that gem-- fair play to Natti!!!

Second, "hate the game not the player"?!!!! DAMN DAMN funny! But I am not sure I agree... I really might have to just hate the player... I am considering not listening to his show any more (which KILLS me!), because I don't think I even know him anymore... who *is* Ira Glass? Not a Chicagotonian-- just a talking head with faux midwestern sensibilities. He will do anything for the bottom line-- even sell out his own hertitage-- and the station that supported him when no one else was listening. He might as well turn Accenture Consultant, for all the credibility he has now. Another hero has fallen.

Oh Bird! Surely he's not on the level with an Accenture consultant!

(But Bird, you're right about Natasha. She's hilarious. Today she sent me an email with the phrase, "All is rationalized..." I think we should put that on t-shirts.)

I've returned to an old favorite-- I am back with Tim Russert.

In Bloomington, _Meet the Press_ and _This American Life_ air at the same time. For the past few years, I have been listening to TAL instead of spending time with fellow Buffalo native Tim Russert. But today, in light of Mr. Glass' recent act of treason, I have gone back to my roots,]--- because Tim understands loyalty. Though a seasoned journalist entrenched in life inside the Washington "beltline", Tim still considers Buffalo "home". He visits whenever he can and refers to the city frequenly on MTP. In fact, today when referencing a 2004 visit by President Bush to the "Queen City", Tim waxed nostalgic for a moment about Buffalo, calling it, "... a great town".

That's loyalty. That's love. And that's why Tim Russert is my new sunday morning sweetheart.

Take that, Ira. We're officially broken up.

Bird... Russert? Seriously? This is your replacement for Ira? His feelings for the Buff aside, he's hardly some cutting edge journalist. (Does such a thing exist anymore on tv?) Your declaration made me a little queasy and waaaaay sad. Don't go running back to the arms of the mainstream media's Sunday talking heads programs! Go to brunch! Go to church! Read the newspaper! Build model airplanes! Anything but this!

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